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    how can I show the deployment infomation log

    yan liu Newbie

      hello every.
      I am considering of create an GUI deploy tool, I need to show the deploying log on my own tool,just like it's shown on the console, when user deploys an new j2ee applciation in jboss. how can I implement this function? I just need the deploy log , not the access log, or other logs.

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          Does anyone know of a simple and I mean simple, for beginners guide. A guide on how to of showing a(once again) simple JSP using JbossIDE and Eclipse. I have searched the web and found many guides, but they either are incomplete, assuming that you know what goes in between the massive gaps they leave in the so called beginners tutorial. Or they are inandated with so much techno bable, and complicated examples that attempt to show you a how to using complicated math problems.

          All i need is a very, very simple in plain english simple Hello World JSP example using the JBossIDE and Eclipse.

          I can run a Hello World JSP example using the Tomcat buy itself or only using JBoss no IDE, but when its coupled with the Eclipse there are more steps to get it to work. I can see the potential of being able to use this on bigger more complicated projects, but we simple folk must first be able to understand how it works with a very, very simple example and then we can build from there.

          It seems that these people that come up with this stuff are very smart but are inept at being able to explain it to someone else not versed in there techy talk. That or they simple have forgotten what it was like being a beginner(so much distance they have traveled from were they were in the beginning).

          Any help
          much appreciated. :)