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    rich:messages questions

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice


      I have a couple questions about rich:messages component

      1 - When i use a h:messages component, the messages are displayed with the summary before the detail, but when i use rich:messages, for each message, the detail is displayed previous to the summary. Why is that and how can i fix it ???

      2 - I want to use UTF-8 as the charset encoding for my pages, so i am sending from my BackingBean a message like this:

      protected String textoResumenOperacionExitosa() {
       return "Operaci& #243;n completada exitosamente";

      but in the browser, the displayed page looks exactly like its written:

      Operaci& #243;n completada exitosamente

      because the & character is translated to & amp;

      how is the correct way to implement UTF-8 for this cases ?

      note: i had to add the extra blank spaces between the & and # symbols so they wont be translated :);

      thanks a lot for your help

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          Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice


          I am sending the special characters in the java code as unicode escape characters; for example

          String message = "Operaci\u00F3n Exitosa";

          and that fixes that part of the question

          but for the other thing, i don't have an answer yet; why is detail displayed before summary when using rich:messages ??

          thanks a lot