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    Should I use SimpleSubDeployerSupport?

    Leif Johansson Newbie

      I am working on a type of component which requires a new deployer. I am thinking about subclassing SimpleSubDeployerSupport and would like to know if this is a good idea or if the near-time development of jboss makes this a bad idea (for instance if the deployer architecture is scheduled for rewrite soon).

      In short I want to know if (to the extent that this is at all possible) if I am wasting cycles imlementing stuff like this outside the core jboss team :-)

      For reference my application is XMPP event-driven "agents" using XMPP publish-subscribe. The reason I can't use inbound JCA communication (I already have a JCA for outgoing XMPP) is that XMPP services are XMPP clients - incoming messaging is run over outgoing TCP connections - i.e the service is required to maintain connection to the messagebus instead of the other way around. Think of it as pull messaging if you will.