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    Making JARDeployer accepting explicit suffixes

    Dimitrios Andreadis Master

      Currently the JARDeployer is a bit "liberal" on what it accepts:

      non .xml or .bsh deployments
      non WEB-INF/ or META-INF/ with *.xml content

      So it accepts, for example:

      - foo.txt, leading to a .Zip open error
      - foo.txt/, deploying whatever under that directory

      (you can replace .txt with any unknown extension).

      Wouldn't be preferable to make this more explicit?

      i.e. accept only .jar, .zip, .last deployments, and names without a "dot" (packed/unpacked). The last one to cater for, e.g., deploy-hasingleton/.

      (plus the usual WEB-INF, META-INF content checks)