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    DeploymentInfo.ucl vs localCl

    Kabir Khan Master

      When deploying something, the subdeployer receives a DeploymentInfo. I am interested in finding the classloader being used for the deployment, both when deploying as a scoped and a normal deployment. The DeploymentInfo has both a ucl and a localCl field. The comments in DeploymentInfo confuse me a bit, but as I am only interested in the classes being deployed, I am thinking that the ucl is the correct one to use? i.e. The ucl field will be a ucl backed by the global loader repository if deployed normally, and a ucl backed by a scoped child repository if deployed as a scoped deployment?

      My guess is that the localCl is just used to load resources for a particular archive in a nested deployment, since this does not seem to delegate to any parent classloader?