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    How to start a single application in jboss

    Pritesh Agrawal Newbie


      Is it possible in Jboss that i start the server with a particular path of my ear file. And jboss Server only deploy that application at the time of server startup.

      I have one more issue that in my server 5 ear is deployed and at any moment i have to run only 1 applicaton so is it possible that all other 4 ear file is undeploy at runtime.....

      Pritesh Agrawal

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I can think of only two possibilities.

          1) Write a sript that deploys/undeploys the applications (such that only the desired application is deployed) and starts JBoss.

          2) Clone the configuration you are using and deploy individual applications to each clone. For example, for myapp1.ear, copy server/default as server/myapp1 and deploy myapp1.ear to server/myapp1/deploy. Then when you want to run only myapp1, enter: ren -c myapp1. (You could also write a script to do this each time you want to run an app. That is pretty much what I do.)

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            Peter Johnson Master

            I just noticed that this is the deployer developer's forums (didn't pay enough attention when the I got the notification email). I also noticed that you posted this same question to multiple forums.

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