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    Tracing what happens before EARDeployer starts

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      I'm new to JBoss internals. I'm having a very strange problem: I have two applications in EAR files. When I deploy them on my desktop machine here (localhost) I get normal log messages. When I set up a virtual-host entry in jboss-web.xml, and the corresponding Host entries in jbossweb/server.xml, I get no log messages, or System.out, or anything from the web apps.

      In a normal situation, the first log message I see is the EARDeployer message. When it is on the real server with virtual hosts, the EARs do in fact deploy, but there is no EARDeployer message on console, or any other message from these EARs, no matter what logging method I use, even System.out.println(). Of course exceptions don't show up, so this whole system is almost useless in production because I can only guess at where problems are.

      I have spent about three days working on this and am not getting anywyere. My next step is to go through the JBoss source code to figure out where these log messages are being dropped. It looks like EARDeployer is the first thing that's missing so maybe I should start there.

      Can anyone suggest how I get started in the JBoss source to trace this?