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    Deploying Incubator CXF under jboss 4.0.5


      Hi all!

      I hope someone will be able to give us a solution to a problem that we are experiencing.

      We are trying to work with Celtix as ESB under jboss environment (vers 4.0.5)
      We have followed all the instructions to set variables classpath like required.
      When we start jboss the console gives us this error message :

      12:28:07,895 ERROR [STDERR] 12-giu-2007 12.28.07 org.apache.cxf.jca.cxf.ManagedConnectionFactoryImpl <init>
      INFO [STDOUT] ManagedConnectionFactoryImpl constructed without props by appserver...
      12:28:07,895 ERROR [STDERR] 12-giu-2007 12.28.07 org.apache.cxf.jca.cxf.AssociatedManagedConnectionFactoryImpl <init>
      INFO: AssociatedManagedConnectionFactoryImpl constructed without props by appserver...
      12:28:07,911 ERROR [STDERR] 12-giu-2007 12.28.07 org.apache.cxf.jca.cxf.AssociatedManagedConnectionFactoryImpl setResourceAdapter
      INFO: Associate Resource Adapter with ManagedConnectionFactory by appserver. ra = null
      12:28:07,942 INFO [STDOUT] connManager=org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.BaseConnectionManager2$ConnectionManagerProxy@c74fe
      12:28:08,161 INFO [CollectionFactory] JDK 1.4+ collections 3.x available
      12:28:08,348 ERROR [STDERR] 12-giu-2007 12.28.08 org.apache.cxf.bus.spring.BusApplicationContext getConfigResources
      INFO: Could not find the configuration file cxf.xml on the classpath.

      We suppose that probably this error can be generated by the logger implementation inside the cxf classes.
      Anyone can help us?:)

      Thanks in advance.