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    DeployerConfig vs. WebMetaData

    Brian Stansberry Master

      Wanting to clean up some stuff related to clustered webapp configuration, but first want to be sure I understand how things are meant to work.

      Looking at DeployerConfig and WebMetaData, it seems like there's some overlap in their usage. Both contain some metadata about a web app. AFAICT, DeployerConfig should contain information that solely tells the deployer how to do the deployment, while WebMetaData would be the place to put things that the webapp itself would need to understand. Metadata that the deployer doesn't care about but the webapp does should be stored in WebMetaData.

      DeployerConfig has a number of clustering-related properties that based on the above should be stored in WebMetaData rather than in DeployerConfig:


      This will eliminate a bunch of code where TomcatDeployment is passing these values into the clustered session manager one at a time. Instead they all would get passed with WebMetaData.

      Am I wrong-headed here?