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    jboss clustering of two nodes on different m/cs

    praveenkushwaha Newbie


      "praveenkushwaha" wrote:
      "praveenkushwaha" wrote:
      hi ,

      i am using apache web server 2.0 and Jboss (jboss-3.0.5RC1_tomcat-4.1.18)
      i had integrated apache webser with Jboss ( inbuilt tomacat) by mod_jk

      now i want to test clustering on Jboss , ( i had gone throgh step-by - step) implimentation of Jboss clustering on Single m/c) but now , i want it to be done on two different m/c

      i had tested it with multicast ( javagroups)

      so what all changes should be done , is there is any good documentation available for impleming this ( or in any thread in this forum)

      my querries are how to do all these
      1. what all changes to be done in workers.properties file
      2. cluster-config.xml
      3. deployment process / ( farming) ( farm-service.xml)
      4. distributable tag
      5. clustered tag
      6.how apache web server will know about clustering ?
      7. JNDI properties

      if anybody had made a demo application for checking clustering then plz , guide me ( or mail to me)
      or can give links for suggestions

      thanx in advance