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    New Load Balancing Policy

    Manuel Elaraj Newbie


      "melaraj" wrote:
      "melaraj" wrote:
      For OLTP applications with extremely high loads like the one we utilize in my company, we need a new load balancing policy that is based on response time.

      The load balancing policy object certainly does not know how long a target took to execute a method on the server. However, it can make a very good guess based on the time it took between calls to the chooseTarget method of the load balancing policy object. The LBP object can maintain an even load of execution time among the members. Of course, this would not work very well for user applications that are not calling the server in a tight loop. Also, the LBP object would have to be smart and reset its count if it is not being called for extended amount of time.

      Also, in the near future we should enhance the LBP interface to include a post call method that informs the LBP object on the response time of the server. This would make this method very accurate.

      I have never participated in the development process. So I need guidance on how to submit code and make it part of the next JBoss release. Also, I would like to add this to the 3.0.X series first because it is the one we are currently using. I would be glad to port it to 3.2.x and 4.0.