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    Can you cluster an application that uses servlets, POJOs and

    a pan Newbie

      Hi I am writing a server application that uses servlets, Java Objects and database based logging.

      How can I use JBOSS to do clustering and load balancing? Or should I just use TOMCAT server. My opinion about tomcat is you can not cluster more than 2 or 3 servers as its memory requirement goes too high as it has to duplicate httpsesession to rest of the server every time servlet serves the request.

      Any suggestions? THanks,


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          Anil Saldanha Master

          You can use JBoss bundled TC instances to do clustering. I suggest you to do the following:
          a) Have a look at the Clustering Document written by Sacha Labourey which describes clustering for HTTP. [This document should be part of the free documentation].
          b) Have a look at the following wiki:

          JBoss clustering will be based on JBossCache over JGroups. Very soon(within a fortnight), you will have TreeCache/TreeCacheAop enabled for greater performance.

          With JBoss clustering, you can configure what session information you want replicated (all put_attribues, all gets, all sets etc). This way, syncronization between nodes and memory requirements is less. Have a look at the document I mentioned.

          Anil Saldhana,
          JBoss Inc.