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    Discovery of all clusters on a given network

    Bela Ban Master


      I have added this feature to JGroups 2.2.9. Every JGroups node now
      listens to (this can be turned off, or changed, but is
      on by default).
      This allows a developer to discover all instances of all clusters
      running in a network programmatically, or probe.sh can be used to get
      information from each node dumped to stdout.

      I'm thinking this would be cool for the JBoss Network folks (or any other management folks), so the could
      discover all clusters in a network (scoped by the TTL parameter)
      drill down into an individual cluster
      drill down into an individual node

      I'm thinking of coming up with an InformationProvider architecture where

      an InformationProvider registers with the Diagnostics module, and
      provides information when called,
      which is then shipped back to the caller. Example of information
      provided could be
      - the address and port on which Tomcat is listening, so we can point
      jmx-console to the right node
      - addresses of all invokers so we can use JMX to access a single JBoss
      instance, e.g. to get more information about a single node, or to invoke

      an operation on a node
      - JMX statistics (this is already done, for JGroups)
      - listing of the ./deploy or ./farm directories and so on

      More info at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Probe.