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    newbie: how to use rich:calendar isDayEnabled()


      very simple question:
      I want to use a java-script function to enable only dates in the past:

      /* <![CDATA[ */
      function isBirthdayEnabled() {
       popup = document.getElementById("test");
       curDate = popup.component.getSelectedDate();
       if (!curDate) {
       return false;
       now = new Date();
       return (curDate < now);
      /* ]]> */
      <rich:calendar id="test" popup="false" isDayEnabled="isBirthdayEnabled();" datePattern="d/M/yyyy" />

      but the function is never called, and I cannot even find it in the rendered HTML.
      any ideas?
      maybe just a typo or case-issue?

      rich faces versions: 3.1.1-GA