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    ReRender an a4j:mediaOutput


      Hi all, I got a problem to reRender a mediaOutput, here is all the details.

      I use a popup to upload a file and a mediaOutput to render the uploaded file. The mediaOutput is only rendered if there is an uploaded file. If i put a commandButton to reRender de image when clicked all works fine. But I want it to be automatic so I tried to use a poll or push but without success. The a4j:outputPanel with ajaxRendered = true is not working too. Is there any other way to do this or my poll is wrong? here is a snippet:

      <a4j:poll reRender="insertQuestionOutputTextName,insertQuestionMediaOutputImage" interval="500">
      <a4j:mediaOutput id="insertQuestionMediaOutputImage" element="img" cacheable="false" session="false" createContent="#{crudSurvey.paint}" mimeType="image/jpeg" rendered="#{crudSurvey.uploaded}" />
      <h:outputText id="insertQuestionOutputTextName" value="#{crudSurvey.fileName}" />