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    TC6 versions of (InstanceOf)AopMarker

    Brian Stansberry Master

      For AS 5 Bill's created a org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc6 package structure that parallels the old tc5 packages. As a result, interfaces o.j.w.t.tc6.session.(InstanceOf)AopMarker have been created.

      Does anyone see any reason to keep these new versions? The tc5 versions were meant for supporting FIELD granularity session repl with JDK 1.4-style annotations and annoc. AS 5 will require JDK 5, and our plan is to make the JBoss Cache PojoCacheable annotation the standard way of marking a class for FIELD granularity session replication.

      I want to keep the old o.j.w.t.tc5.session.(InstanceOf)AopMarker interfaces around so existing webapps that are using them still work, but I don't see any reason to keep a new version under the tc6 package.