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    Using JBossSerialization with HttpSession Replication (JBAS-

    Hany Mesha Novice

      Hi all,
      discussion for JBAS-2921

      Currenlty, Http Session replication employ JavaSerialization to perfrom object serialization before inserting sessions or attributes in the cache. What we would like to do is provide an additional option to use JBossSerialization. The problem there's no server wide configuration property to toggle between JavaSerialization and JBossSerialization.

      Here's the solution that I'm proposing

      1. provide a configurable property in jboss-web.xml. Possible values are:
      <session-serialization>JavaSerialization</session-serialization> (default value)

      <NOT EXIST> (default to JavaSerialization)

      2. add dependency on JBossRemoting to take advantage of SerializationStreamFactoryMBean where we set and get the serialization manager from the factory.

      3. Based on the serialization type specified in step 1 we can invoke the either JBossSerializationManager or JavaSerializationManager (default) to create the needed MarshalledValue to serialize the objects