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    JBAS-3864 Discussion Thread

    Brian Stansberry Master

      Discussions related to http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-3864.

      Re: where things like # retry attempts should be configured:

      "Tomohisha Igarishi" wrote:

      "Brian Stansberry" wrote:

      I'd like to move away from configuring this via the Tomcat5MBean. Rather I'd like to configure it via jboss-web.xml.

      oh, I found JBAS-3460. but you won't backport that to branch 4.2?
      I think replication retry settings should be same layer as UseJK or Snapshot settings.

      I added a subtask to backport that.

      I agree with you about consistency. In 4.2 the config of default snapshot mode/interval may not be removed from the Tomcat SAR in order to maintain compatibility in a minor release. But IMHO they don't really belong in the Tomcat SAR.

      Right now I'm thinking that:

      1) Everything that can be varied per webapp should be configurable per webapp (i.e. in jboss-web.xml).
      2) The ability to set an overall default in the Tomcat SAR is useful, but it adds clutter to the SAR config. If you read the SAR's -service.xml, you'll see what I mean. So, we should only offer the ability to set the default if:

      a) it's a value people are likely to change
      b) the change is something they want applied to multiple webapps

      Of the UseJK, snapshot and retry configurations, IMHO only useJK meets these criteria.

      Opinions on this are most welcome; on JBAS-3460 I mentioned I wanted a forum discussion about this general issue, so no reason this can't be that discussion. :-)

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          Tomohisa Igarashi Newbie

          I almost agree with you. Only thing I am warrying about is compatibility. But it seems to depend on JBoss versioning policy, so if you say no problem, then it's OK :)

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            Brian Stansberry Master

            We accept breaking compatibility at a major release. We don't want to go crazy introducing incompatible stuff, because that does make upgrading harder. But, on the other hand, it's good to be able to use a major release to clean out old ways of doing things.

            With snaphsot mode, it's borderline. The benefit of removing it from the Tomcat SAR config is not that great; mostly it just removes from the xml a bunch of complicated explanation of a feature people don't use. It also reduces coupling between the depployer and the webapp (less data needs to get passed into the webapp.) But some data (useJK) still needs to get passed, so the decoupling benefit isn't that great.

            I'm inclined to remove it from the sar mostly because I don't think it's used. For example, I've never seen a forum post related to the behavior of "interval" snapshot mode.