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    Distributed Lock Mechanism

    Emmanuel Bernard Master

      Hi guys,
      For Hibernate Search, I'm in need for a DLM (Distributed Lock Mechanism). Basically a way to acquire a lock, do some stuff and release a lock clusterwise.

      This is something that can be available and built on top of JGroups.

      I've talked to a RH instructor and we discussed the DLM available in GFS (Global file System).
      To summarize:
      - there is a quorum (each node having a weight)
      - a subset of the cluster is considered free to work if it has quorum/2+1
      - when a node ask for a lock, it informs everybody, and everybody has to agree on the lock acquisition
      - if a lock is acquired the demanding node is responsible for managing the lock
      - if a node is playing the bad guy or has been cut from the majority, it reboots itself or is made rebooted hoping for a recovery

      This implementation is not really fully self configurable (entering and leaving the quorum part might have to be manual)

      Do you think we can build something similar as a common project for JBoss, I need it but most likely, some other projects need that too.
      I'm pretty open to the feature support as well.
      There may be something available already?