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    Add visual effects to RF components

    demetrio812 Apprentice

      after writing I looked at the jira and I found the issue I would like to raise, so I write here just to give it more importance.

      The issues is this one:

      It's about adding (I think with optional flag) visual effects to RichFaces components.

      I like a lot RichFaces and as a developer I know the value that it has because it's not just a javascript/DHTML component framework. More, there are a lot of other things I can say (JSF integration, Seam support, CDK, etc.), but you know more than me.

      But when we look at it from a final user perspective things changed so I can see ppl saying that extJs is cooler because they just see the animation effects (you know how the most of users see those things).

      So I'm starting using rich:effect and rich:jQuery to add some unuseful stuff that can do the difference from a user point of view.

      So I think it's very important to integrate those in RichFaces components to make RichFaces "cooler" for users and not for developers only.

      Hope I explained well!


      Demetrio Filocamo

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          demetrio812 Apprentice

          no one care about this?


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            Sergey Smirnov Master

            Did you see http://labs.jboss.com/auth/wiki/RichFacesFuture?

            The "Predefined effects for existing components" task is in the TODO list (see the second table). However, it has only 5 votes. So, we have a lot of tasks that are more important for most of us.

            If you know the structure of the components (if you use FireFox's FireBug you should), it is possible to add effects for some components from outside. However, some of them require built-in effects as a part of the component behavior.

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              demetrio812 Apprentice

              Yes I saw it and I know it has few votes, maybe with firebug I will try to add effects from outside, or try to modify components (simple ones) and submit some patch as soon as I have the time to learn CDK better and to do it...

              Btw my topic was not just about a developer need (I also would like other things like for example uploadFile components first) but it is about advertising of RichFaces outside the developer sphere...

              As I said I think a lot of ppl find other framework cooler just because they see effects...that's all...so maybe you can choose to put some of them even if not a lot of ppl want them...

              I think just having panels (panel bar, panel menu, simple toggle panel, tab panel and modal panel) would be good...

              btw this is an open source project so I will try to learn the CDK also trying to integrate effects...

              I opened the topic also to know if there are someone interested in that...

              thank you for your work!