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    JBoss clustered caches without data replication


      hi everybody,
      I'd like to create a JBoss clustered caches without replication beetwin cache instance. so, application can see the cluster like a single cache but datas in the cluster are not replicated among all caches in the cluster.
      Could anybody help me to achieve this goal? I have read the jBossCache user guide but I still don't understand how to realize it.
      Sorry for my bad english...

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          Why don't you respond to Manik Surtani's reply on the JBoss Cache user forum (where this topic belongs) instead of opening a second thread here?

          It's not clear what you want. If you're certain JBoss Cache isn't what you want, please post on the Clustering/JBoss user forum and describe in more detail what you want. This forum is for discussion of how to design JBoss's own clustering features, not how to design end user applications.