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    setting up a jboss as proxy for routing HTTP requests to jbo

    kris O' hary Newbie

      I have been working on jbos cluster from past 2 years. I already have a setup where apache as a front end to jboss cluster with mod_jk2. Now because of some reasons I need to remove the apache and I want to shift the load balancer from mod_jk to jboss.

      Basically when I have mod_jk, the load balancing is done by apache in round-robin fashion. But the jboss has four load scheduling algorithms which are being hidden when I use apache as a front-end. So for this reason I need to remove the apache and make jboss as a proxy for routing HTTP requests.

      I am not able to find the documentation for how to set up this architecture. Please reply me with the procedure of how to do this.

      A jboss cluster with n nodes
      A jboss server acts as a proxy for routing the HTTP requests.
      This proxy should use the load balancing techniques(Round-Robin, Random-Robin, etc.,) that are defined by jboss for routing the HTTP requests.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          Please post user requests on the user forum.

          JBoss AS is not designed for use as an HTTP proxy loadbalancer. There used to be (I believe in 4.0.4 and earlier) a load balancer web application someone contributed that would do this (look in the varia module of the source distribution) but it wasn't maintained and was never the recommended solution for load balancing vs. mod_jk. It didn't have any association with the remote Java client load balancing policies you mention.

          mod_jk doesn't just support a round-robin approach; the recommended configuration uses sticky sessions, which has semantics similar to the FirstAvailable load balance policy.