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    h:inputText label

    Andrea Galli Newbie

      I just got to the point where I'm supposed to add some validation, and I told myself I would go for builtin, for its ease of use.

      The problem is.
      When I try to write

      <h:inputText label="..." ...>

      The server complains the lack of the attribute label, which I can't find anywhere...
      Obvoiusly, without that, it'll take the value from id, making the error message look ugly.

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.5 with builtin MyFaces 1.1.4, but I have also tried to download MyFaces 1.2, and still it does not include any label in the TLDs.

      I'm confused...

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          Andrea Galli Newbie

          Ok, now I know that the label attribute is present in Sun's RI 1.2, which is really bad, because I cannot use that within JBoss 4.0.5...

          I quickly tried to insert facelets between JBoss 4.0.5 and JSF 1.2, but all I ended up with was a messy environment with a lot of exceptions and nothing working at all...

          With that said, any brilliant solution to the label problem?