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    using cache for application objects

    Leonardo Newbie

      I would like to know how to use jboss 3.x cache implementation with objects of my application. I found a package org.jboss.pool.cache that contains some interesting classes but I was unable to find any documentation about them. Thanks in advance

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          Bela Ban Master

          Soon to come:

          Cache cache; // init somehow
          boolean sync_mode=true;
          boolean use_locking=true;

          // synchronous call, plus use locking
          cache.put("mykey", mySerializableObject, sync_mode, use_locking);

          // asynchronous by default, no locking
          cache.put("anotherkey", "Hello world");


          Cache cache; // init somehow
          // configures cache to be synchronous and locking

          // synchronous and uses locking because cache was configured so
          // by default
          cache.put("anotherkey", "Hello world");