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    Replication Queue & Persistence?

    klchan Newbie

      The more I work with Nukes, the more I found it hard to use, it's not easy to build a complex user interface (or perhaps I'm doing it wrong ...).

      I have the following situation:

      - The website uses 2 or more different templates, related with a specific url mapping, i.e. index, backoffice, customer, blablabla ... So the user can't have a personalized theme, instead their are more themes that should be used at runtime. Themes are thus not user coupled.

      - Some blocks are placed on different locations when using them on different templates.

      - I have more then 1 stylesheet, so placing them in the hardcoded position the core module dictates us is not possible, it uses only one stylesheet.

      - ...

      So, when implementing this, I already had to write a lot of java, not a problem of being a j2ee developer, but I found it to much code to do something, it seems sometimes that I spent more time working around the system then using it's power directly ...

      I think the design is great for the home, garden and kitchen use, like most of the people out there use phpNuke for, but to build complex enterprise sites ... it seems that some work needs to be done ...

      Can someone explain me a development strategy on how to implement the problems I pointed out above.

      I think I will not be the only one making complex design, so some deep discussion would be,efit every one.