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    Transport interface

    Nick Betteridge Newbie

      Hi Bela, Others,

      This is just a quick question to find out whether JBoss Cache could evolve to include an interface for the transport instead of hard-wiring in JGroups. We use a variety of protocols/mechanisms for transport and select the appropriate one for each new project.

      We've been able to merge JBoss Remoting in a couple of projects so far, and the latest project could really use jboss cache - so I'm currently in the middle of trying to separate jgroups from the latest version of jboss cache ... interesting, but time consuming.

      If this might be useful, I'd quite happily contribute everything I've done.


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          Bela Ban Master

          Yes, we will separate the transport from the Cache. We will do this as part of our refactoring (starting after JavaOne), where we will make use of aopc, and externalize aspects such as
          - locking
          - replication
          - persistence (CacheLoaders)
          You'd have to replace the replication interceptor to provide a new transport.