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    Right border of scrollableDataTable

    Florian Marwede Expert

      i've got a styling problem with rich:scrollableDataTable.

      I can explain it on the basis of the demo: Here you have a horizontal scrollbar even though you don't need it. When you scroll to the right you see only a little 'hidden' column header with the width of the vertical scroll bar.

      If you don't want to have this effect, you have to adjust your column widths and the width of the whole table. But then there is another problem: I use the skin ruby, so my headers normally are red. But for these tables I want another color so I use .rich-sdt-header-cell style class to change it. This works for all real column headers, but not for the little column header above the vertical scroll bar. It is still red.

      Is that a bug, it is fixed in 3.2.0 (I use 3.1.3 snapshot), or what I'm doing wrong?

      Sorry for the long explanation, I hope somebody of the team read it anyway.