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    JBossCache 1.01 works with Tomcat

    fredrikoe Newbie

      Some time ago I tried to use JBossCache with Tomcat for our project. We need to have a distribited cache between web applications under Tomcat (and also later between Tomcat instances residing on different machines). However, I never got the multicasting to work properly and after trying all kinds of different configurations without improvement I kind of gave up JBossCache. But when I saw that version 1.01 was released I thought that I might as well download it and try. And yes, after that everything worked properly! I still don't know wheere the problem was (and if it had something to do with the fact that I use Tomcat) but I won't spend more time thinking about it now.

      I posted this message since it might be useful information for others out there.


      / Fredrik Östling