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    TreeCache MBean XML questions

    Mark Frost Newbie


      I have a few questions regarding the MBean XML used to configure the TreeCache in a JBoss cluster.

      1. The XML starts:

       <classpath codebase="file:/C:/jboss/jboss-cache/lib" archives="jboss-cache.jar, jgroups.jar"/>

      But JBoss includes a jgroups.jar. Which should we use?

      Many thanks in advance



      2. What's the difference between the ClusterConfig and ClusterProperties attributes? Which should we use? When viewed through the jmx-console the ClusterProperties string appears to be very similar to the ClusterConfig XML?

      3. Should we define different ClusterConfig settings to the one in cluster-service.xml. I noticed that the examples in etc\META-INF folder contain values that are different to those defined in cluster-service.xml. Are the differences important? Can we just take the defaults and not specify a ClusterConfig attribute?