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    Thread safety?

    Mark Frost Newbie

      We are planning to use the TreeCache in our clustered production JBoss environment.

      We will be invoking the TreeCache methods (via JMX MBean) from a Stateless Session Bean.

      Are there any threading issues to consider? We have currently not placed any synchronization around any method calls to TreeCache.

      Many thanks.


      Code example from SLSB:

       public void put(String cacheSystemName, CacheKey key, VersionedXml value) throws CacheException {
       //put into cache
       Fqn fqn = new Fqn(this.rootFqn, ((FqnCacheKey) key).getFqn());
       Object[] args = new Object[] {fqn, STANDARD_KEY, value};
       String[] sig = new String[] {FQN_CLASS_NAME, OBJECT_CLASS_NAME, OBJECT_CLASS_NAME};
       //Invoke the put() method
       _invoke("put", args, sig);
       private Object _invoke(String methodName, Object[] args, String[] sig) throws CacheException {
       try {
       return JBossUtils.locateJBoss().invoke(cacheService, methodName, args, sig);
       } catch (Exception ex) {
       throw new CacheException("Error invoking method " + methodName + " on TreeCache", ex);