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    Logging and Replication Question

    Markus Plesser Newbie

      First of all kudos for this great project/product!
      We plan on using the TreeCache in a production environment in appx 1 year and developing atm using it.
      My first issue is of a rather cosmetic nature:
      Could you please instantiate a 'real' Logger in TreeCache.java by adding something like:
      > import org.jboss.logging.Logger;
      > private static Logger log=Logger.getLogger(TreeCache.class);

      else its impossible for me to filter out the spam messages in the logfile.

      Another question about replication:
      When do you think synchronous replication will be supported (i.e. an implementation of Replicatable)

      And on a side note:
      The current cvs head source of TreeCache.java throws a NullPointerException (not reproduceable to me) at line 3080:
      return interceptor_chain.invoke(m);
      Obviously interceptor_chain doesnt get initialized (propertly).