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    TreeCacheAop, POJO and ClassNotFoundException

    Lyubunya Anatoliy Newbie

      Hello everybody.

      I've just encountered a problem that can't figure out how to solve.
      I tried to put a POJO precompiled by aopc into the cache.
      Everything looks right if cache is used in the LOCAL mode.
      But when i've turned it to either REPL_ASYNC or REPL_SYNC mode every putObject call throws the exception

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: MyPOJO
      at org.jgroups.Message.getObject(Message.java:222)
      at org.jgroups.blocks.RpcDispatcher.handle(RpcDispatcher.java:321)
      at org.jgroups.blocks.RequestCorrelator.handleRequest(RequestCorrelator.java:581)
      at org.jgroups.blocks.RequestCorrelator.access$100(RequestCorrelator.java:39)
      at org.jgroups.blocks.RequestCorrelator$Request.run(RequestCorrelator.java:812)
      at org.jgroups.util.ReusableThread.run(ReusableThread.java:215)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

      The exception doesn't happen If only one instance of TreeCacheAop remains in the system.

      That error is quite strange as object of MyPOJO class has been just created, so the class had been successfuly resolved.

      It seems i've overlooked some a base thing.
      Can anybody help me to avoid the error.