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    Getting started with JTreeCache as MBean and JBoss 3.2.5

    Alex Burton Newbie

      Can anyone give me any pointers on how to get started with JTreeCache used as a MBean in JBoss 3.2.5.

      I have deployed a SAR with the jboss-service.xml from the example on the tutorial

      <mbean code="org.jboss.cache.TreeCache" name="jboss.cache:service=TreeCache">
      ... etc...

      So once I've done this... how do I look up the Cache?

      A little background into what I am trying to achieve...

      I wish to use it as a temporary data store shared between Stateless Session Beans that drop some actions on a JMS Queue and Message Driven Beans that are asynchronously working on the queue and placing the results into the Tree Cache so the results can be polled for. I have no database to store the data.

      Many thanks,