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    dataTable rendering problem

    fulig jimmy Newbie


      I' am using richfaces 3.1.2GA. When the dataTable rendered in a page with value tag null and then this variable become a not null value and the dataTable is in effect reRendered, none of actions in table's column executable.
      What could be wrong?
      Thank you and sorry for my bad english!

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          please add your code snippet to make question more clear.

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            fulig jimmy Newbie

            Thanks, for feedback!
            So here is the JSF page source:

             <a4j:commandButton value="Set value to variable list" reRender="dataTable">
             <a4j:actionparam name="p" value="#{tb.items}" assignTo="#{list}"/>
             <rich:dataTable value="#{list}" id="dataTable">
             <a4j:commandButton value="SubCommand" reRender="text">
             <a4j:actionparam name="p1" value="Alex" assignTo="#{p1}"/>
             <h:outputText value="#{p1}" id="text"/>

            Bean code:

            package test;
            import java.util.List;
            import java.util.ArrayList;
            public class TestBean {
             List items = null;
             public List getItems() {
             items = new ArrayList();
             return items;

            When I click "Set value to variable list" button the "list" variable become a new value and the datatable in effect rendered. Now I click the "SubCommand" button, but nothing changes.
            When I take out the "SubCommand" button from datatable, the outputText become the value "Alex".

            Thank You!
            Best regards!