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    discarded request

    Kunal Bisla Newbie

      i have 2 JBossCache instances running, one inside Jboss and the other as standalone client. The one in jboss is the co-ordinator and both the caches have the same service.xml i.e. same cluster port etc...

      I see the following message once in while in the jboss console, can anyone tell what it actually means, it says discarded request from hostOne:4682 as we are not part of destination list.
      I don't know why is it discarding messages as both the cache have the same exact configuration xml.

      10:30:15,527 INFO [RequestCorrelator] discarded request from hostOne:4682 as we ar
      e not part of destination list (local_addr=hostOne:4682, hdr=[Header: name=MessageD
      ispatcher, type=REQ, id=1091727015496, rsp_expected=true], dest_mbrs=[hostOne:4759]