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    When starts the replication?

    sebi presecan Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Currentlly he strugle with a strange situation. Here is the scenario:

      We are using JBOSS 3.2.5. We have let´s say 3 clustered nodes A, B, C.
      On each of them we have an instance of tree cache.
      In a normal scenarion:
      - start node A put some value on the cache on node A
      - start nodes B, C --- the values from the cache that reside in node A are replicated to nodes B and C without any problem

      Let´s consider the following:
      - unplug the network cable for node B
      - add some value to node A
      - plug back the cable for node B

      Nothing happen ... the cluster itslef notfies that now there are 3 running nodes ... the cache values are not replicated to node B....
      For me this is crucial ... I do not want to have in the same cluster inconsistent data ...

      Have someone any idea to force the node B to ask for replocation? ... anyway for me this seems to be a request ... so I aspected to have this behavior ... so this is a bug? ... or i have to implement something to have what I need ...

      Any help is welcome