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    TreeCache.put(...) never returns previous value when sync re

    Thomas Weise Newbie

      [Version of JBoss cache shipped with 3.2.5]

      Trying to use TreeCache.put(...) and retrieve the return value to check the previous value. This works all nicely with local cache, but when switched to synchronized replicated, this method always returns null:

      tree.put("/a/b/c", "name", "Ben");
      Object value = tree.put("/a/b/c", "name", "Ben2");
      // value should be "Ben" but is null

      Stepping through the code I find what seems to be the issue at
      TreeCache.invokeTransactionlessMethod(MethodCall) line: 2771

      which never returns the (correct) result it got from

      rsps = callRemoteMethods(members, m, true, true, sync_repl_timeout);

      Hence the result of any call to TreeCache.put(....) will always be null.

      Is this a known issue, and if so, is there a patch available?