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    jBossCache Performance

    fisy Newbie

      Hello EveryBody,
      I am new to jBossCache and have downloaded the application with the sample examples. I am trying the use jBossCache in my application. My requirement in holding the objects in cahce is to be in the tree format. I got some info about Java Caching System, but seems it doesn't support tree form of building the objects. This made be to go with jBossCache.
      But i dont find detailed info on configurations and better straight cut examples about jBossCache. Could you someone post with the samples and required docs to proceed this with.
      Also, I need one more clarification as :::, Lets say i have built a tree with the nodes as A -> b-> c -> d, here is it possible to set the object time expire property to each and every node level.
      Also i dont find any comparison chart about the performance of caching with the other opensource vendors.

      Could you any one help me out with all this details.

      K.Anand Kumar