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    JBossCache/Clustering - open tasks

    Bela Ban Master

      I have been asked my a number of people whether they could help with development. Below are some tasks that I have decided to outsource (if we find the right people).
      All tasks require a good knowledege of JBoss, and *excellent* knowledege of JBossCache and Clustering.
      Anyone tackling one of these tasks has to be self-driven - I don't have much time for hand holding.
      Successful completion / good work leads to a preferred position when we look to employ people...

      Here are the tasks (copied&pasted from the roadmap, contact me (bela@jboss.com) for details):

      - DistributedState (clustering) replacement
      - Porting to JBossCache implementation
      - dev1, 4 weeks
      * [Independent of JBossCache development]

      - Run JBossCache in WebLogic/Websphere
      - JBossTransactionManagerLookup plugin
      - We can run JBCache under StartupClass in WL
      - Documentation, how-to
      - Dev2, 6 weeks (possible dependecy on JBossMX)
      * [Independent of JBossCache development]

      - HAJNDI implementation
      - Dev1, 6 weeks
      [Independent of JBossCache development]