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    JBossCache[AOP] on JDK 1.3.1

    Jose de Castro Newbie

      Has anyone used JBossCache[AOP] on WebSphere 4.0.7 running JDK 1.3.1? We're a pretty big shop and have taken a while in adopting WebSphere 5.0 and are now waiting for v6 (JDK 1.4) in January. In the mean time, we would really like to use the cahe in our app.

      I read on the FAQ that we could build a standalone JAR from jboss-head on the CVS tree. Problem is that when I browse jbosss-head on SourceForge it looks empty. Am I missing something? Is jboss-head just a symlink that SF is not following? Any help would be great.

      Thanks in advance,

      Jose de Castro
      Application Architect
      Spherion Corporation

        • 1. Tying to MySQL is bad idea for development
          Ben Wang Master

          I am trying to get this to work and start the front-end development. Of course the MySQL stuff doesn't work. Also when I finally got the build miscellanea right (like deploy driver etc) then the database doen't exist. I say we work for the development step at least with the embedded hypersonic. We don't need anything fancy for now. Also the the "primary key" generation in mysql may be great but it breaks my balls as I CAN"T TEST ANYTHING.

          So let's start this from scratch. I understand why this project is full of talk and no action, it is because getting the build and basic deploys are broken. So we all talk UML but there is no action. Can we just start with hypersonic and a simple bundle for people to start working ?

          Also I am working with Tapestry instead of Struts, don't ask me why I don't really know. I will try to reproduce the current web page layout with "Components" at least and commit that, blah blah blah.