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    get* and set* pointcuts vs. set(field) get(field)

    Tomasz Nazar Newbie


      In TreeCacheAop doc you state sth like this: "..Whenever there is state change ('set*' interceptors)..All 'get*' operations.. "

      I wonder if it is a good idea to restrict user of JBossCache to conform to some getters-setters standard. Maybe it would be better to intercept field access (read or write) using standard JBossAOP: get/set(field expression)?

      You know there might be problems with "settle(..)" method for example, and maybe someone (I :) ) doesn't like accessing their private implementation through getters and setters..

      I _think_ field access joinpoint would solve some problems..

      How do you think? Maybe you have that in your plans for 1.2.

      And one more thing: are you going to extract jbossCache as a concern, you know.. to provide jboss-aop.xml bindings for jbossCache, for users who will need some more advanced concern management?

      Thanks in advance,
      Tomasz Nazar