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    TreeCacheAOP, inheritance, replication and getObject

    Paul Vallender Newbie


      I am fairly new to TreeCache. I think it is a great piece of work, but I have come across a few teething problems. One of my problems is that members from a base class are not replicated to a second cache, or, more correctly, they are replicated, but 'getObject' does not seem to think so.

      For example, if you run the "aopWithTxInherit.bsh" from the tutorial, then execute

      to ensure a Student member is set.

      Open a second session (connecting to the first cache). Executing a
      shows correct information. However if you execute
      the fields from the Person class are null, but fields from the Student class are OK.

      I have had a look through the forums and the docs, but can't find any reference to this issue (sorry if I have missed it). Is it an issue with what I am doing?