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    chucklan Newbie

      What is the extent of the locking performed on the TreeCache instance with the methods of a TreeCacheListener instance?


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          Norbert von Truchsess Newbie

          Is there a specific reason why my posting was truncated?
          Is there something wrong with the forum code?


          "nine_mirrors" wrote:
          Howdy all,

          I'm (still) implementing a cache loader and trying to get a feel for how it works.
          I'm wondering about TreeCache.get(Fqn). It does not seem to call CacheLoader.get(Fqn) (which it should in my opinion).

          My code:

          TreeCache cache = new TreeCache();
          Node node = cache.get(new Fqn("top_node");

          I trace the excution to TreeCache.findNode() and to this snippet:

          // try CacheLoader if node is not in cache
          if(child_node == null && cache_loader != null) {
          try {
          if(cache_loader.exists(fqn)) {
          child_node=n.createChild(child_name, tmp_fqn, n, UNINITIALIZED, null);

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            Bela Ban Master

            Same as with the regular methods.

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              chucklan Newbie

              In your javadoc for TreeCacheListener, it states:

              public interface TreeCacheListener
              Callbacks for various events regarding TreeCache. Implementers should avoid performing long running actions, as this blocks the cache. If you have to do so, please start a new thread.

              To what extent does this block the cache? Is the blocking at the instance level of the cache?