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    help regarding the clusering of JBoss cache

    rupesh agarwal Newbie

      hi All
      We are working for GE and we have implement the JBoss cache on a application which is used by more than 500 user , as of now We do not use JBoss clustering approach for sync between 2 App server . we have written our JVM sync approach to sink the cache on both the server . The good news is as JBoss Cache is working fine with this 500 user load and user are quite happy abt the performance
      . So we are trying to ipmlement the JBoss cluster caching approach in place of using the JVM sync .
      Now let me come to my problem .
      we do not have any experience in clustering . I have seen the local-service.xml which say that to enable the clustering we need to give the cluster name and some ip . i m not sure how do i create this cluster detail in my 2 sunone server/ unix boxes . Can u help us regarding this