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    Node values in

    Soeren Gerlach Newbie


      we're currently developing a trading application which heavily relies on JBossCache for synchronizing the clients data. We're not using the AOP but the POJO version.

      So far everything runs fine and fast. For testing purposes I wanted to utilize the provided "TreeCacheView2" class to manually perform changes on the nodes outside from the scope of our application.
      I simply exchanged the config file in line 99 with our application file and can see that the Viewer synchronizes quite perfectly with the cache and displays all nodes. But when I click on an individual node the associated Map seems not to exists, e.i. keys and values of the node's map are empty.
      I can manually add values which also get promoted to the cache but the values from the cache as filled from the application don't show up. I even tracked down the code into the method "Map getData(String fqn)" and saw that the call to "getKeys(fqn)" resulted in an empty Map.

      I'm wondering why I cannot get the Map because the application itself works fine, although we retrieve the values with "get(key)" and not "getKeys()". For a final test I went into the existing application and also printed the nodes entries using the "getKeys()" method and again: this was okay.

      So, what's the mistery here, am I a dumb user ?

      The version we're currently using are JBoss 3.2.7 and the current JBoss cache version.

      Thanks & regards,
      Soeren Gerlach