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    Hibernate, JBoss Cache Evaluation

    etienno Newbie

      Hi Jboss experts,

      I am evaluating the JBoss cache for a Hibernate (refactoring) project. I would need a database cache for 6+ java apps running on a distributed archtecture of IBM-Websphere 4.0.6 (jdk 1.3.1). The database tables that need to be cache contain at least few millions of records per table.

      The cache for now should be read-only (for the java apps) but updated each morning (near 1AM) after a non-java batch process have updated the database.

      Reloading the entire cache each morning for the java apps can be quite heavy for the network, it could take too much time to load all tables. So I am looking for a way to insert in the cache the modified record only (based on a timestamp..) plus the new records.

      The cache must be fail safe in some way (for not reloading everything if a web app go down) and should be memory and IO optimised to run on many web apps, on distributed WAS server. At least, on the same web app, it should share the cache memory.

      The cache is a read-only one. But for the vision, in some months (12++), we might requiered a transactional cache (real-time read-write by the java apps). But for now, there's no transactional requierement.

      Is Jboss Cache a good option for this use case? Anyone have implemented this architecture with success? Or should I check for some commercial package (like Coherence)?

      Thanks all.