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    A suggested feature.

    mranga Newbie


      This is a followup of a discussion started at the end of the excellent presentation by Ben at JBoss World. Right now in jboss cache, you can have a persistant cache ( ie. writes to the disk ) or a cache that is replicated entirely in memory. I'd like to persist a subtree of the namespace - for example I want that


      and anything under it should survive a restart. For this, I want to be able to hook a OR mapping tool such as hibernate to jboss cache and have the cache do the rest for me. The rest of the cache is merely replicated in memory and not written to the database and persistance should be guarded by tx boundaries.

      If such a thing is already in the works, please let me know and if not, I'd be an eager customer for this feature.

      Thanks for a very useful piece of code.