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    Rajanikanth Jayaseelan Newbie


      I am trying to use the JBoss Cache as a MBean Service within the Weblogic and i have succeeded in it. I have configured the transaction look up class as GenericTransactionManagerLookup, and i have specified IsolationLevel as say READ_COMMITTED in the configuration XML file

      I am very new to JBoss cache, so please excuse me if the question is very lame. The question that i have is, when i use the methods put and get, to put elements and read elements to/from the cache, do i have to explicitly call the locks on the Nodes or will it be taken care some where in the jBoss Cache. I am using the Cache only as a read only store and am not using any cache loader to load anything from the database through the cache. I am reading the data explicitly from the DB and putting into the cahce when ever i want. So i just wanted to know whether i have to take care of any locking if multiple threads are using this Cache Mbean to read data and to store data into the cache when the data gets invalidated.

      Do let me know if you guys can help me out with this query?