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    Having Probelm in deploying files

    Bhupesh Yadav Newbie

      I am trying to replace the files with the old files in jboss, but when I am copying the new files the application server using the old class files which I have changed just before.
      Also when I replaces the whole folder that also does not comes into effect with the new code.
      Every time when I am deploying the new files replacing the new one, I am resart the jboss server.

      Can you help me in this matter 1. why replacing the files calling the older one. 2. Is there any way by which I can able to deploy my new files without resarting the jboss server.

      I think when I initially installed jboss it was not giving 1st problem. I have made some changes like deletion of managment folder etc. all those folders which was available on web, beside of my application for security issue.

      Many thanks in advance