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    New CVS module

    Bela Ban Master

      The standalone version is in a new CVS module called JBossCache (without a space between, ha ha :-)). To check it out, use

      cvs -d:ext:yourdevname@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/jboss co JBossCache
      . The tag is JBOSSCACHE_1_2_3. If you are not committer, check the docs on SourceForge for anonymous checkout.

      This is a first import, the distribution generated from it doesn't yet work 100% (incorrect pathnames etc), but other than that it is pretty stable (all unit tests, 422, pass). It is
      essentially jboss-head/cache plus some bug fixes. The official release is in a few days I hope, and it will be called JBossCache 1.2.3 (1.2.2 is the last jboss-head/cache release).

      I will next create an element thirdparty/JBossCache for head, 3.2 and 4.x in which I'll put jboss-cache.jar.

      Then, once Ben has tagged and released 1.2.2, I will remove (unlink) the _jboss_cache (jboss-cache) module which until now was the home (jboss-head/cache) for JBossCache. _jboss_cache was part of the module defs for jboss-head, jboss-3.2 and jboss-4.0. _jboss_cache might later contain some integration code, e.g. JMX adapter for the POJO JBossCache.
      Then I'll make JBossAS use thirdparty/JBossCache/lib/jboss-cache.jar.

      Finally, I'll also modify the testsuite tests for JBossCache, and remove all non-integration tests.